Organize an InSIGHT Out! Presentation

We have documentary DVDs showcasing the remarkable photographs made by our participants which can be screened at schools, civic groups, inter-faith groups or private homes as part of an ongoing exchange and possible fundraising event.

Television Broadcast

InSIGHT Out! - CNN International, December 2006
InSight Out! Project
InSIGHT Out! - ABC Australia, December 2006
InSIGHT Out! - Channel 11 Thailand, December 2006
Call it Photo Therapy!
Sony Support The InsightOut! Project
ASIA: Tsunami Children Click Their Way to Healing
Photo project in Thailand helps tsunami-affected children tell their stories
Photography project helps tsunami-affected children

March 2013

Trix Rosen,
Senior International Advisor to InSIGHT Out! Project, Bangkok Thailand
InSIGHT Out! Digital Storytelling Workshop in Kalinga.
Luplupa, Tinglayan, Kalinga.
Bado Dangwa, Tabuk, Kalinga Philippines.

El Tecolote

Serving San Francisco's Mission District Since 1970 Nuestra Communidad is a photo documentary project by students in the media photo class taught by filmmaker Jeanne Hallacy. Using point and shoot cameras donated by Sony, students roam the corridors of the inner Mission from 24th.

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Magazine and Newspaper Publications

Amana Magazine (January 2008)
Law Magazine for the Ultimate Insider Analysis, Thailand (June - Sept 2007)
Asian Wall Street Journal
Asian Geo Magazine (July 2007)
Bangkok Post (December 24, 2006)
Bangkok Post, cover story Guru Magazine (July 2006)
Thai Day, cover story features section
Asia Books New Arrivals Magazine
Dateline Magazine, FCCT
Call it photo-therapy.

The Kinokuniya Bookstore in Siam Paragon, Bangok, Thailand

The first large-scale exhibition for InSIGHT Out! was held at a spacious area inside the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Siam Paragon in Bangkok. The exhibition featured three large-size posters with a compilation of photos taken by the children from Khao Lak, Thailand and Banda Aceh, Indonesia, the villages devastated by the Andaman Sea Tsunami on December 26, 2004.

My Mom's Funeral By : Pead For My Mother

during the first workshop and was invited to join our program. Pead’s family is from Koh Surin island where his grandfather is the village headman. After his parents separated, he and his two younger siblings went to live with his mother in Tap Tuawan village while his father was living in Thung Wah village. Pead’s older brother, 21-year-old Ped looks after the family. They are very poor.

A Peaceful Family Aung Soe Win

Aung Soe Win, a 14-year-old boy, has been helping his family at a rubber plantation since he was 9. This is not unusual for young Burmese boys in Thailand. Aung Soe Win has been participating in the InSIGHT Out! program since 2006 and produced this documentary of his family working at the rubber plantation.


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InSIGHT Out! seeks partnerships with media to publish the photographs and stories created by our participants.